Share a Good Thing Until Your Face So Nice

14 Jun 2012
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Cetaphil don't want people to call them a medical brand for skin problem. So hor, we decided to make people go around telling other people that Cetaphil is really very tok kong. But how leh? We know Singaporeans like to take picture, go Facebook, tweet tweet tweet. So we make this advertisement called "Share a Good Thing" and show alot of chiobu who really use Cetaphil lor, after seeing the chiobus, you can still go request for free samples. Where got so good deal one? All of them said that Cetaphil is confirm plus chop good. After that, we got 8,000 people like our Facebook page and then, not yet four months, but got 20,000 views on Youtube leh! Kamsiah hor, everyone! Wah, we gave out a lot of free samples, we heard alot of guys took back for themselves. Kam sia everyone for your support!







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